Why Joining Persian Deals Community?

You may ask yourself why should I join Persian Deals community and get the Persian Deals VIP Membership Card as a customer or even join as a listed Business Partner?! well, here are the reasons:

  • In order to create a stronger community across Canada, Persian Deals team has been working hard and diligently to work closely with a large variety of Persian Business owners across Canada to provide the best available deals/discounts to you and your family no matter where you are or will be in Canada.
  • Our range of Business Partners list include, but not limited to Grocery stores & Supermarkets, Restaurants, Fast Foods, Pastries & Bakeries, Dental Clinics, Meat shops, Dried Nuts & Fruit Stores, Fitness centers, and so on. Our Business Partners list grows rapidly everyday! Check out our list of Business Partners in your province and city!
  • The very low cost annual VIP Membership Card empowers you as the VIP card holder and also your immediate family/household members to get an extra discount on your purchase from any of our listed Business Partners across Canada. So, you can simply share this VIP membership with them! Please check the below proof of concept to get a better idea how this VIP Membership Card can save you hundreds of dollars per year! 

 How does it work?

Once you purchase the Persian Deals VIP Membership Card, upon receiving the physical card, you will officially be a Persian Deals VIP Member and when you go shopping to any of the listed Persian Deals Business Partnersyou will simply need to show your VIP Membership Card to the cashier of the business to enjoy the extra discount as a VIP Member! As simple as that!


 Proof of Concept for Potential VIP Members:

This might cross your mind that when you check the amount of discount a Business Partner provides to Persian Deals VIP Members, you may think that your savings will be very low and it might not be worth it to become a member! Well, here is a very clear example that this might change your mind!

Study Case: Assume, you are a Persian Deals VIP Member and on a Bi-Weekly basis, you go to one of our listed Business Partner Supermarkets in Toronto, which provides a 5% fixed rate of discount on your total purchased amount in store. Here will be your savings in one year just by going into that specific store!  

Bi-Weekly Average Spent Amount 5% Discount Per Visit   Bi-Weekly Visits in One Year Total Savings in One Year
$100 $5 26 $5 x 26 = $130


You may now start thinking how much your savings will be if you get similar discounts from our other listed Business Partners in Restaurants, Fast Foods, Confectionaries & Bakeries, Dental Clinics, Meat shops, Dried Nuts & Fruit Stores, Fitness centers, etc.! Yes, you are absolutely right! We have many listed Business Partners from which you can get similar discounts for their products or services across Canada! Remember, You are always the winner!